Leanne Minall Chair

Leanne has just completed her DPhil in Chemical Biology at Oxford University. Her project used chemically synthesised saccharides to modify adenovirus, creating targeted viral vectors for DNA vaccination. Having studied Chemistry at undergraduate level, Leanne has relished the opportunity to venture into the field of immunology. Currently she is undertaking a PostDoc exploring chemical epitope shielding in protein vaccine design. Leanne is excited about the future of the chemistry-immunology interface and believes that strong collaboration between chemists and immunologists will yield the discoveries and therapies of the future. She is the current chair of the newly established Molecular Immunology affinity group (Mol.i.G) of the BSI.

Kim Wals Secretary 

Kim copy

Kim is currently a first-year Oxford University DPhil student in Pharmacology. She is studying brain inflammation through synthesizing chemical proteomic probes. Furthermore, she is also investigating novel nanoparticle approaches for multiplexed imaging of brain inflammation with the aim to develop new therapeutics. Her interest in chemical immunology has been sparked by her undergraduate projects working on unnatural amino acid peptide vaccines for cancer immuno-therapy and investigating the cell surface chemistry of HIV-1 infected T cells using proteomics. She is passionate about studying the intricate system of immunology with chemical precision and believes that bringing together chemists and immunologists is the way to move forward in understanding the exciting but complex field of immunology


Thomas Wright Publishing 

Tom is a second-year Oxford University DPhil student in Chemical Biology. He is developing new chemical techniques for selective protein modification and applying them to problems in epigenetics. His interest in post-translational modification was sparked during his previous work on lipid-modified peptides as vaccine candidates. Tom thinks that biology is chemistry’s greatest challenge and that the interface between the two sciences is where he wants to be. 

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