The University of Oxford is uniquely positioned to host such an event. A long history of research in both fundamental and clinical/applied immunology has generated a vibrant and diverse community of researchers. The Jenner Institute for vaccine design and development is a key global player in the fight against disease and provides a ‘real-world’ focus for research, including facilities for vaccine production for clinical trials.  Oxford’s emerging chemical biology community is beginning to contribute tools for the molecular dissection of immune processes, leveraging the expertise and facilities of one of the most productive chemistry departments in the world.  

Keble College


Keble college Oxford is the selected venue for the Oxford Chemical Immunology Symposium. The college was founded in 1870, beautifully constructed in the gothic style, housing a great hall and chapel. Keble college is situated in the center of Oxford, allowing delegates to take a walk around this historical town.

The O’Reilly theatre seats 250, purpose built to the highest quality and is fully equipped to host all manor of presentations. All of the lectures listed in the program will be hosted here.

Lunch will be served in the great hall,  seated in the traditional Oxford style. The banquet dinner, served on the evening of Monday the 5th, will also be held in the great hall after the wine and poster session. 

Delegates wishing to stay overnight at the College may book a room overlooking the main Keble quad. The rooms are all newly refurbished and are ensuite. Booking is available through the college. Please enter the promotional code OxCI16 so the staff are aware that you are attending the Oxford Chemical Immunology conference:


It should be noted that these college rooms are highly sought-after during this period. If you are wishing to stay at the college you must book your room well in advance. The conference organisers are only able to reserve a limited number of rooms on behalf of delegates. 

The college accommodation offers good value for money and the convenience of staying on site and is therefore recommended by the committee.

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